Governor Romney’s Massachusetts Business Record

His Massachusetts Business Record is a constant theme that Governor Romney is citing as his job creating expertise and how he is going to turn manufacturing  and the economy in the country around. The Democrates have a different point of view.  

Manufacturing Jobs under Romney in Massachusetts

Romney`s Manufacturing  jobs record in Massachusetts

Governor Romney`s overall economic legacy for Massachusetts

If  in the next two debates Governor Romney claims great success in creating  jobs and turning around the economy   in Massachusetts, then President Obama , if he believe his own websites assertions, has some telling counter-arguments to make. Failing to do so indicates three things:
1)The facts as cited are wrong;
2)As a debater, President Obama gets a failing grade;
3)As a voter, you have 1 more reason to fire the President.

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  1. Your story is about how terrible Romney was as a businessman/governor for MA, but you finish by somehow concluding that failing to bring it up in the next debate is a reason to vote out Obama?

  2. This is not my story but rather the the Democrats line of arguments on Romney’s Mass. record [but I believe they are much closer to the truth than GOP’s Big Lie that “President Obama is the worst President in History”] . Click on any statement image and you will find the Democratic source statements.

    However, I also believe that President Obama did his supporters a great disservice in the last debate. Think of me in the Chris Matthews post debate camp. President Obama had the opportunity in the last debate to crush the arrogance of the GOP. Mitt Romney flip-flopped on so many issues that all Obama had to do was borrow a phrase from Ronald Reagan – “there you go again, Mitt, changing your tune once more”.

    Because Obama did not do so and in fact failed to rebut effectively any of Romney’s parries – he put his own candidacy in jeopardy and lost any hope of retaking the House and retaining the Senate. And these are going to be needed because governance in the US is way off the rails. The GOP holds the Senate hostage with just 40 seats using the now badly misused Filibuster Rule. A Obama Presidency with a GOP Congress is a recipe for more stalemated and dysfunctional government.

    The signature of leadership is having the courage of your convictions and knowing the vulnerabilities of your opponents – and cite those weaknesses when those parties gets out of line. Romney certainly did that in the last debate. And President Obama showed weakness not strength of convictions by not effectively responding to Romney’s flip-flops and outright lies .

    Unfortunately, President Obama has vacillated like this too many times before:
    1)Having rescued the banks and many corporations from bankruptcy he failed to demand immediate reforms:
    a)executive suite dismissal and major downward revision of pay in the industry where executive and bonue compensation are out control – 300 to 500 times the average pay in the corporation. Measured merit pay scales should be established based on easily followed performance ;
    b) prosecution of wrongdoers at Bear Sterns, Lehman brothers, Bank of America, AIG, Countrywide Financial, Goldman Sachs, CitiGroup, etc, etc. Instead he let them get off with at worst major fines [all paid for by the parent companies partly out of TARP funds] and No Admission of Guilt. Nobody served time unlike in the Savings and Loans Financial Upheaval of the 1990s.
    c)but most important of all President Obama did not force the Banks to adjust to avoid foreclosure by millions of homeowners. This process of adjusting debt payments has business precedence in Chapter 7 and other bankruptcy processing. But “miraculously”, the banks were able to skate around these proceedings. And then the Banks rewarded the President with their Foreclosure robo-signings and other mortgage lending travesties.
    2)As his reward for opening up offshore drilling rights for the oil and gas companies, BP with the help of Haliburton provided a huge oil spill. But worse, Exxon Mobil and other oil and chemical companies continues to sponsor Global Warming Denial literature and helped to stonewall any effective action on Energy program or Climate Control in Congress;
    3)Because of the USA’s unflinching support of Israel, the US has become Israel’s Flak Catcher. More US lives have been lost in 9/11, Beirut, Afghanistan, Iraq and other wars on terror than Israeli lives during the same period of time. In addition to the $5Billion/year in military and other aid there is hundreds of billions spent in Afghanistan and other anti-terror operations. What has been Israel’s reward to Obama for these lives and dollars?. Not just Intransigence on a peace accomodation with the Palestinians, but with the Israeli settlements program in the West Bank a slow leeching of Palestinian West Bank territory and no resolution of the right of return question for the hundreds of thousands of Palestinians displaced from their homes. Finally, Israeli Bibi Netanyahu has come to the US and in a breech of diplomatic conduct has tried to influence the US election process.

    Leadership courage would demand the President laying down the law with the banks and US corporations leading the outsourcing parade. The President has at his disposal jawboning, executive orders and policy programs to use until the oil and gas companies ceased their obstruction on a multi-source Energy Program and stopped funding climate change denial [oil and gas has employed the same policies and professionals used by the tobacco companies to forestall smoking controls and bans]. And Israel should be given unequivocal marching orders on stopping the illegal West Bank settlements and expediting a peace settlement with the Palestinians

    So over the next 3 days prior to the 2nd debate the positions of the Obama/Biden site will be spelled out and contrasted with those of Governor Romney. Then observe if President Obama has the courage of his avowed convictions in the debates. If he does not have that leadership courage to defend his potencies then despite the fact that Governor Romney would take the opposite line on so many issues – at least the US would have a man of convictions … or would they{Flip flop Romney]? If Obama quakes – the US has some pretty gawd awful Presidential choices.

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