Romney Flip-Flops and Wins

Mitt Romney flipped on major positions  and President Obama failed to call him out – so Romney won the 1st debate bigtime.

This HuffingtonPost headline tells the story.
 Salon, Slate, theDailyBeast, theAtlantic theNewRepublic joining a chorus of other media in which all agreed – by flipping and walking back from his own positions for the last 2 years, Mitt Romney was able to shuck his 47% moochers remarks and pose as a champion of the Middle Class. And President Obama largely let him do it. Obama offered no effective rebuttal to Romney’s flip-flopping … and voila  Mitt Romney finally gets to hit the Reset Button courtesy of President Obama. So now Mitt is saying “at the moment this is what I am for, for the time being – defending health care, the Middle class, ohh and giving unneeded tax cuts to the wealthy and corporates plus slashing PBS and some other welfare programs to be named later”.

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