Apple vs Microsoft Blowout Quarters

The Financial Press reported that both Apple and Microsoft had “blow out quarters” for their June 2011 end quarterly reports. The table below tells the tale:

Comparison of AAPL-Apple and MSFT-Microsoft July 2011 Sales and Earnings

DescriptionAAPL SalesAAPL ProfitsMSFT SalesMSFT Profits
Mar end 2011$24.7B$6.0B$16.4B$5.2B
Jun end 2011$28.6B$7.3B$17.4B$5.9B
Sep end 2011$34.5B Est$8.1B Est$17.7B Est$6.5B Est
Dec end 2011$48.1B Est$11.2B Est$22.3B Est$8.4B Est
Total 2011 Est$135.9B Est$31.6B Est$73.8B Est26.0B Est
Avg Growth Yrly 82% 125% 8%35%

Now to put these numbers into perspective consider that IBM just reported Jun 2011 sales of $26.7B and profits of $3.7B and HP reported $31.6 in sales and profits of $2.7B.  Congratulations are now due to Steve Jobs and his team at Apple, Does this mean that Steve and Company can remove the ban on Java and Flash in iOS and that multi-touch screen ops will be coming to Mac OS/X soon?

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