How I Know Apple Dominates Microsoft

One could look at the financial numbers and quickly proclaim Apple is at the top of Computing

Computing’s Big 3 Companies
CompanyAnnual RevenuesMarket ValueQuarterly Dividend
Source: Google Finance

Apple dominates Microsoft in every major financial category – Annual Revenues/Sales  $109B to $74B, total Stock Market Value $622B to $256B, and Quarterly Dividends 2.65 vs 0.20. Talk about a financial results thumping. But the real story is just below.

Windows 8 screens running on a Mac – Mac running on Windows is forbidden fruit by Apple.

But the real tale of the tape is what Apple can do to Microsoft. Apple can sell its Parallels 8 software that allows Mac users to run Windows 8 on Mac machines but the reverse is not true – Windows  7 and 8 , though the underlying computing hardware is nearly identically the same to Macs, are not allowed by Apple to  use Virtual PC  [or any other VM software] to run Mac OS/X and hence an Mac programs in virtuial mode on a PC. Now that is Alpaha Dog dominance. And Microsoft does not dare to protest because it is launching its new Windows 8 OS and  needs to garner sales and good will as wide as possible. So Mac users can have it all – MacOS/X  and  Windows 8; but Windows 8 can’t have a Mac experience.

The real irony – Windows 8 is the only way Apple users will be able to get  Real Touchscreen operations on a Mac!

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