How I Know Apple Dominates Microsoft

One could look at the financial numbers and quickly proclaim Apple is at the top of Computing

Computing’s Big 3 Companies
Company Annual Revenues Market Value Quarterly Dividend
Apple $109B $622B $2.65
Google $38B $220B $0.00
Microsoft $74B $256B $0.20
IBM $107B $226B $0.85
Oracle $37B $156B $31B
Source: Google Finance

Apple dominates Microsoft in every major financial category – Annual Revenues/Sales  $109B to $74B, total Stock Market Value $622B to $256B, and Quarterly Dividends 2.65 vs 0.20. Talk about a financial results thumping. But the real story is just below.

Windows 8 screens running on a Mac – Mac running on Windows is forbidden fruit by Apple.

But the real tale of the tape is what Apple can do to Microsoft. Apple can sell its Parallels 8 software that allows Mac users to run Windows 8 on Mac machines but the reverse is not true – Windows  7 and 8 , though the underlying computing hardware is nearly identically the same to Macs, are not allowed by Apple to  use Virtual PC  [or any other VM software] to run Mac OS/X and hence an Mac programs in virtuial mode on a PC. Now that is Alpaha Dog dominance. And Microsoft does not dare to protest because it is launching its new Windows 8 OS and  needs to garner sales and good will as wide as possible. So Mac users can have it all – MacOS/X  and  Windows 8; but Windows 8 can’t have a Mac experience.

The real irony – Windows 8 is the only way Apple users will be able to get  Real Touchscreen operations on a Mac!

2 thoughts on “How I Know Apple Dominates Microsoft”

  1. Just because Apple is worth more, doesn’t mean they’re better. It’s just because they sell their product for more money, even though it’s not worth more money. Apple products sell because they make you look cool. Microsoft products sell because they work.

    Also, I run Windows 8, and just yesterday I was running Mac OS X on a virtual machine. All you have to do in order to virtualize Mac on a Windows device is not be an idiot.

    Off topic, if your grammar is indicative of Apple and its fans, they are screwed. Your grammar absolutely sucks. I had to re-read your awful article about three times to even kind of understand what that train wreck of an Apple fanboy rant was about.

    Just so I don’t have to listen to another one of your rants, I’m not saying Apple sucks. They have done a really good job creating hardware and software over the years. They took Xerox’s idea for a GUI and made it look absolutely AMAZING. But that was almost 30 years ago, and the GUI still looks and feels basically the same. The aren’t innovating, and someday people will realize that Apple is only popular based on looks and not usability. Windows keeps getting better and better, both with their OS and the fact that they’re now creating hardware.

    So please, I hope you read this comment and realize that you need to think before you type. Just because you’re an Apple fanboy doesn’t mean that you “know” that Apple is better than Microsoft. In fact, at one point, Microsoft donated money to Apple to keep it alive. If Steve Jobs were still alive to read your article, he would be shaking his head at your ignorance.

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