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Koch Brothers
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Koch Brothers

NYTimes today has a story that underlines the pernicious consequences of the Supreme Court’s Citizen United decision  to allow corporations to have unlimited “Freedom  of Speech” . This was done despite the fact that Corporate  Free Speech does not reflect the varied views of the corporation’s  employees, shareholders, suppliers and other stakeholders but rather the views of a tiny controlling corporate elite.

The bitter irony is that the Roberts Supreme Court invalidated the long established rule of law which the Republican Party first inaugurated  100 years ago to combat the excess power of the Gilded Age Corporations and wealthy elites.  This inequity is the root cause of current TeaParty Thermonuclear Partisan Warfare. The result is  an impotent Congress as Moneyed Interests contest and seeks to overthrow  popular needs and political will.

In sum, the USA is currently showing the World how to destroy Democracy because, really, only the Super Elite who have succeeded and triumphed in the Darwinian Stock and Business Markets deserve to set the political rules of the day.

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