Google+ Postings: GOP Cognitive Dissonance

Seen on Google+ is first the image and then the comment:

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This is the underlying Cognitive Dissonance of the GOP. They are schizo and they know it. First, incurring huge deficits under Reagan and the Bushes – but now declaring all spending by government as wasteful while taking those farm subsidies, oil and business tax credits, etc.

Second, having to bow down to the Wall Street and Corporate Business Community while those elites pillage middle class wages, reward themselves with monstrous total compensation packages while saying they have to cut American benefits and jobs; and worst of all – desecrating the Rule of Law by paying “record breaking fines” which their ever increasing profits and tax credits more than cover while avoiding any criminal prosecutions and jailtime for crimes worse than most inmates have ever committed.

Third and worst of all, hypocritically saying they honor our veterans while a)incurring the Walter Reed Hospital disasters, b)cutting back on benefits to veterans and c)leaving 20% of service families on wages so low they need Food Stamps to get through while the GOP are cutting back those very same Food Stamp levels.

When you endorse or engage in malicious acts like these it is no wonder that you have to smear the Democrats as being even worse. Just go to Breitbart or watch Fox or listen to Rush or Sarah – they are tapping into the GOP rank-file’s need to find the opposition as even more morally reprehensible than their own positions. Hence such vitriol over anything that suggests attacks on their Christian morality by “all Democrats and anybody on the left”.

This is the power and purpose of the GOP Media and Messaging Machinery. They are a defense mechanism for the GOP – keeping the Base enraged, inline and effectively duped.

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