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Bank of America?

Bank of America is buying Countrywide Financial – chief instigators of the subprime mess that is wracking  the US and World Financial markets. Countrywide according to several reports was on the verge of bankruptcy. Why should Bank of America buy when it could get the same assets in bankruptcy court for pennies on the dollar …

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Wall Street Presents Sweeny Todd – Greedy Guts Itself Again

In Sweeny Todd fashion the Financial industry has chosen, on first blush, a rather unexpected target for its financial rapacity – itself. And recent articles in the prestigious MIT Technology Review- The Blow Up and The Economist-the Darkside of Debt detail how the jugular cuts, more appropriate to a cheap Hollywood Slasher flick, were done …

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A Stockquote Machine

Here is a bit of widgetry available for free from Yahoo (caution they watch what you watch and record the selfsame Google-like.) For general stock quotes and weather I find the widgets innocuously helpful. Then again I may have to take a fifth on this recommendation.

Opportunity Loss: IT is NOT JUST Consolidating

In our observation on Top Management Awry we have posited that IT-Information Technology is simply being hopelessly mismanaged with a finger pointing towards CEO’s and Boards of Directors. They are treating a vital, strategic, and rapidly evolving IT assets (people, software and hardware) as cost centers to be bean-counter minimized. CEOs will cite Harvard Business …

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Its beginning to dawn on Hockey commentators in Canada that the league has done a great disservice to the game in recent months. Take a look at Stephen Brunt’s recent columns in the Toronto Globe and Mail. In essence Stephen is saying that for Hockey Loving cities the times are good. Elsewhere hockey times are …

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