Bernard Watcher 2

A Stockquote Machine

Here is a bit of widgetry available for free from Yahoo (caution they watch what you watch and record the selfsame Google-like.) For general stock quotes and weather I find the widgets innocuously helpful. Then again I may have to take a fifth on this recommendation.

Opportunity Loss: IT is NOT JUST Consolidating

In our observation on Top Management Awry we have posited that IT-Information Technology is simply being hopelessly mismanaged with a finger pointing towards CEO’s and Boards of Directors. They are treating a vital, strategic, and rapidly evolving IT assets (people, software and hardware) as cost centers to be bean-counter minimized. CEOs will cite Harvard Business …

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Its beginning to dawn on Hockey commentators in Canada that the league has done a great disservice to the game in recent months. Take a look at Stephen Brunt’s recent columns in the Toronto Globe and Mail. In essence Stephen is saying that for Hockey Loving cities the times are good. Elsewhere hockey times are …

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