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Its the Economy Stupid

The upcoming US election has been predicated on two major issues: the Iraq War and the dissipation of American power and influence over the past seven years. The recent assassination of Benazir Bhutto has apparently escalated this issue back to the top of the Primary Elections agenda including the various world entanglements the US has …

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Greedy Guts Itself: III, Casualties(Updated again)

The depth of Greedy Gutting Itself is beginning to emerge. Paul Krugman at the NYTIMES has this estimate of the depth and breadth of the problem . If you do the math on homes averaging $250,000 in value one has between$3-5 trillion on the line. And Allan Greenspan is calling it Turbulent Times – its …

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A Stockquote Machine

Here is a bit of widgetry available for free from Yahoo (caution they watch what you watch and record the selfsame Google-like.) For general stock quotes and weather I find the widgets innocuously helpful. Then again I may have to take a fifth on this recommendation.

Greedy Guts Itself:2

In our initial Greedy article, I have argued that Financial Institutions have largely put aside Fiduciary Trust – and now have a new primary goal – their own wealth with perhaps some coincident client gains but only for a carefully selected class. In this article by Steven Pearlstein at the Washington Post – you see …

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Tibet, Taiwan, China, and Suzerainty

Beijing has been lecturing Western governments on their support for exiled Tibetan leader, the Dalai Lama. US President Bush, while on one hand condemning Congress for its efforts to state that Ottoman Turks were responsible for the slaughter of 1.5 million Armenians at the start of the 20th century, at the same time gave Tibet’s …

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Opportunity Loss: IT is NOT JUST Consolidating

In our observation on Top Management Awry we have posited that IT-Information Technology is simply being hopelessly mismanaged with a finger pointing towards CEO’s and Boards of Directors. They are treating a vital, strategic, and rapidly evolving IT assets (people, software and hardware) as cost centers to be bean-counter minimized. CEOs will cite Harvard Business …

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Top Management Awry

In the October 8th issue of Information Week the article by Marianne McGee indicates how badly awry management at the top of corporations is now. The Society of Information Management does an annual survey of what are the top ten concerns for CIOs and IT management. This is one of the strategic polls that I …

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Nuit Blanche in TO:Picked to become a Pan

Toronto served up Nuit Blanche on the last weekend in September 2007. This was the second year of an event that got started in 2007. The premise is simple – sponsor artshows and happenings throughout downtown Toronto at various museums, galleries, and public venues. Generate carriage trade. Scotiabank was again the sponsor this year And …

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RedCard to FIFA

There came a moment in the USA vs Brazil semi-final game in the 2007 Womens World Cup when one had to issue a red card to FIFA. Fittingly it was the red card call by the Swiss Miss Referee Renghal. She clearly botched the call – Christiane of Brazil had brought Shannon Boxx of the …

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Its beginning to dawn on Hockey commentators in Canada that the league has done a great disservice to the game in recent months. Take a look at Stephen Brunt’s recent columns in the Toronto Globe and Mail. In essence Stephen is saying that for Hockey Loving cities the times are good. Elsewhere hockey times are …

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