Emergency, Emergency

The comment here is that recent presidents are crying wolf over “Emergency situations” in order to accrue power and support for near unilateral policy making. The two debaters are saying that both Barack Obama and George Bush have been engaging in a Ponzi scheme for power instead of money based on National Emergency Cry Wolf. The observers are essentially right about the main point – politicians and Presidents especially are indeed calling more frequently for emergency powers and “rush, rush” legislation in order to bypass the petty bickering, acrimony and impasses that mark Federal legislation in the US for the past 10 years.

George Bush used the “War on Terror” and Home Country defense to make some big wrong bets. There is a legitimate question as to whether a)the threat of terrorists with their “asymmetrical advantage” was as imposing as the administration made them out to be and b)whether the chosen domestic and foreign policies were even close to effective. Barack Obama appears to be running what might be seen as an Emergency Emergency on the Economy Ponzi Scheme with the huge deficits

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