Penn State Abuse: National Mirror

The Penn State Abuse case seems at first glance to be too dramatic and perhaps media lead. So a football coach was caught molesting a ten year old in the showers at Penn State. Shameful but not outside the bounds of  experience [see US Swim team].So the football coach that obeserved it did not stop the proceedings –  according to the Bystander effect there is a high probability many people would do nothing. So the coach waited a day and then reported the witnessed abuse to head coach Joe Paterno. The assistant coach needed to get his bearings, whistleblowing is a deliberative act of weighing consequences. Head Coach Joe Paterno just reported the abuse up the line and took no action against Coach Sandusky. Well studies show that even Doctors fail to report or take action in cases of abuse. It took 14years for this case and multiple others involving Coach Sandusky to “come out” as the Penn State football program had a winning tradition of national proportions.

Ditto for 30 years of increasing abuse of the Middle Class by the Financial Elites.

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