Why Congress Has Failed to Regulate Wall Street, Healthcare, Energy, etc.

The above 60 Minutes Report on how badly compromised members of Congress are is echoed in this report from the Daily Beast on Obama’s Energy Department graft that extends well beyond Solyndra. Clearly the US is teetering with political graft and scandal that extends across parties and is making Washington a place of Moral Compromise in which both sides, GOP and Democrats, can say truthfully “Shame on You”. Each side can say the other is worse in selling out the American Public. The consequent result is that treasonous “Starve the Beast”, “Scuttle the Economy, Scuttle Obama”, and “Sell Green Energy to our Bundlers Gain” have now become acceptable political strategies. Inevitable conclusion, the American Public can be easily duped and therefore will be duped by many of its political “representatives”.

America, The Great Stupor Power, is reflected in the past and upcoming Federal Budget and Deficit Debates. Just wait a week for more of the same from the Congressional Deficit Super Committee. The Two Political Gangs, The GOPs and The Dems, are playing a deadly Game of Chicken in which the US Economy and Public  will continue to be the ultimate victims.

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