Mentality of the Capitol Riot Mob

Since the Washington Capitol Riots, there has been unadulterated disbelief and a labored reckoning as to  a)what happened and when during the January 6th at the White House Rally and then the Capitol, b) what was the purpose of the various groups making up the riot, c) who planned and enabled the riotous actions and d)what co-ordination and planning took place before and during the riots. A lot of the analysis depends on the FBI and justice department investigation and prosecution of the rioters.

Maenwhile there is the a rich scientific literature on mob emtaility and motivations. These studies provide some insights and clues to  the Mob Mentality

The Mob ‘s Mentality

Studies on Mob Mentality uncover a diverse set of factors varying with  the crowd composition, the immediate dynamics and the underlying motivations and grievances among the participants. Here are some observed aspects of mob mentality.

  • The Evidence

Here are 6 videos that provide  views of why and what happened  before and during the Capital Riot.

President Trump & GOP Congressional Riot Enablers

NewYorker Video of Rioters in Capitol chambers

MSNBC recounting events a day later

Washington Post video showing Charts  of Capitol Building  with  the time sequence of events.

President Trump & GOP Congressional Riot Enablers

The BIG LIE – a Stolen Election

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