Trump Plays With Treason

Trump lied about the gravity of the Covid pandemic and then doubled down by abandoning any realistic attempts to control the disease . In contrast, Taiwan, which  is right next to China has had a total of 928 Covid cases  and 9 deaths compared with USA’s 27,799,946 cases and 479,772 deaths. Thanks Donald.

Trump lied about “draining the Swamp” and instead had the most corrupt administration in US History:

  1. The Economist -The art of the self-deal – Donald Trump’s record on corruption and conflicts-of-interest;
  2. – Mapping Corruption: Donald Trump’s Executive Branch
  3. Foreign Policy – Trumpworld’s Corruption Is as Globalized as the Ultra-Rich the President mingles with;
  4. NPR – A Look At President Trump’s Anti-Corruption Record
  5.  Republic’s Report – Ten Reasons Trump is the Most Corrupt President in U.S. History
  6. Washington Post – Trump has worst presidential  record at Supreme Court
  7. NYTimes -77 Days: President Trumps campaign to subvert the election while enriching himself;
  8. TheGuardian – Growing concern that Trump’s public records will never be complete as his administration “handles them”;
  9. GQ – How Trump Corrupted the American Presidency in every possible way;
  10. Forbes – Trump Is Lying More Than Ever: Just Look At The Data…

But hey, who said a Pro WWE Grifter & Entertainer Extraordinaire had to be Mr. Clean?

Trump lied repeatedly about a stolen election, a carefully coiffured con.  So his promise to his militia men  “to march with you to to the Capitol” was another grifter’s stiff  in Trump’s close -to-traitor game   Yes , another scammer’s leg-shake,  like fandango dancing with the Putin Bear or another shot at killing someone on 5th Avenue without losing a single follower’s vote.

So here is Trump playing the nasty game of Maybe Sedition and a Touch of Treason – “Yeah but I never directly said RIOT but Dog-whistle Loud you know what I MEAN”…

On the second day the  evidence  that Trump was releasing His Militia to exact  revenge on Vice President Mike Pence for refusing to invalidate Biden’s Presidential victory… ohhh, and cast fear Trump’s political enemies;

So now the GOP Senators once again gets to choose  their Throw-Me-Under-the-Busman. Seth Meyers states the case;

See Marco “Hypocrite” Rubio, Josh “I’ll be a A Much Better Trump” Hawley and the good folks at Murdochs “Medal of Freedom” Fox Misinformation Network – all awaiting  the imminent release of  the movie –Trump Exonerated and Unleashed.

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