Trump Lawyer Continues the Big Lie

The Big Lie arose again in the 4th day of the Impeachment Trial.

Senator Bernie Sanders asked Trump Defense Lawyer Michael van der Veen the following:
“The House prosecutors have stated over and over again that President Trump was perpetrating a big lie when he repeatedly claimed that the election was stolen from him and that he actually won the election by a landslide. Are the prosecutors right when they claim that Trump was telling a big lie? Or in your judgment, did Trump actually win the election?”
Van der Veen’s tortured response can be seen below:
Van der Veen insists that his response on whether the Big Lie is true or false is irrelevent; so  he refuses to respond . But of course, the essential argument in the case is whether The Big Lie did motivate the mob  to the point of insurrection. So as a defense attorney it is relevant if have you have also embraced the Big Lie- tainting the Defenses competence to argue the case.

A telling question by Bernie Sanders.

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