Seeking A Dash of Wicked Satire

When you have the former President of the United States nurturing an elaborate fiction that his election was stolen and then convincing his MAGA Militia Mob  a)that this was Gospel truth and b)they should go to the Capitol to ensure that Mike Pence trigger election turmoil by not certifying Joe Biden’s election … you have the basic ingredients for Wicked Parody and Satire.

But hey, Trump is not  the only  National Leader to betray his  countrymen leaving them to die by the tens of thousands due to denial and  mismanagement of Covid-19. Consider  Brazil’s Bolsonaro, England’s Boris Johnson, Russia’s Vladimir Putin as other tyrant-politicians.

So a dash of wicked satire is vital. Here are some savory recommendations starting with the wicked witty world of  cartoons:

The Week – Cartoons has a bipartisan fervor for mocking the political excesses of our elected officials:

The latest Valentines Day cartoons are sinfully funny  – hurry over to The Week to catch all the Political Love.

Politico Weekly Political Cartoons goes across the US to find rants and rages in sketches soaked in satire to be seen in magazines, newspapers,  and  even incendiary web apps.

As seen above the cartoon’s artistic styles are as outrageous as their political targets.

Punchlines with Politico’s  Cartoonist Matt Wuerker provides video glimpses into the drawing and creating of political cartoons. Note the irony – using video to show the art of cartoon drawing.

Trust us, these are short but sweet slices of into creating political satire.

Nighttime TV and Video Entertainers

John Oliver brings high proof British Satire weekly on HBO

Now to the chagrin of Stephen Colbert, Samantha Bee, Seth Meyers among others, there is the galling fact that John Oliver has won the last four Emmies as top nighttime comic.

Seth Meyer’s a Closer Look patiently explores  the absurdities of contemporary politics with wry parodies:

This alumnus of SNL’s Weekend Updates preserves a sharp twisting-knife hidden in his humour.
Trevor Noah took over the Daily Show from Jon Stewart and has proven caustically clever:

Since the Pandemic, Trevor’ s Social Distancing Show skits have gotten even sharper with pop-up images, fako disguises, and great parody riffs with daff “correspondents” Desi Lydic,  Dulce Sloane, Jaboukie Young White, Michael Kosta, Ronny Cheng, and Roy Wood Jr.

Wicked Satire in Print
Since the Gutenberg Press days, there is a long tradition of Satire in Print  nurtured in the British Isles as a focal point. so here is a Whitman Sampler of Print Humor to be found around the World

The New Yorker provides upper crust Satire with The Borowitz Report.

Takethe5th has featured The Borowitz Report before – see here.


The Onion originated in 1988 Madison Wisconsin as a weekly humor newspaper The Onion tickles your humor palette with the  broad  scope of “stories”:

Newsthump is a ribald rumping good time for all . Be sure to check out their Sports and Health sections. And go here for the complete, full layout.

If you find NewsThump too tame totttle over to theDailyMash for full frontal ribald antics with a few proverbial low blows jabbed in delicate places.

Beaverton is best of breed Canadian comedy app with a dash of ThisHourHas22Minutes wonkiness. Beaverton sneaks in some cutting comedy   under the guise of  a professional   UI look and  layout.

Trump has inspired quite a number of mockery. But since Donald’s Demise quite a number of wicked wit websites have also departed. However, a mocking favorite, TrumpHotel, is still around to mock Trump’s many run-agrounds.

A second Trump Mock website  embraces Trump’s MAGA  Veniality. Truly vulgar excess. mimicing Trump to the T.

Our last touch of Wicked Humour is reserved for British Satire by way of  The Private Eye. Glance below to see why:

This Bit of Comic Creations  Curated has been brought to you by the good folks at If you have a Favorite Comic hitherto but not maliciously overlooked – please add a civil comment below. Note,  uncivil or spammy commenters will be blacklisted.

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