The Perils of President Biden’s Ironclad Buddies

President Joe Biden is increasing in political peril because of his ironclad buddies whom he has supported almost oblivious to their great ensuing moral and integrity threats to him:
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Hunter Biden has placed his father in danger of being enmeshed in an impeachment query which the truculent GOP House havethreatened tit-for-tat for Just the two charge against Hunter Biden make for very damaging publicity against the President.
Since 2016 unter Biden was serving on the board of Ukrainian industrial conglomerate Burisma and Chinese private equity fund CEFC China Energy – foreign business activity that has been seized upon by right-wing critics and used to decry claims of corruption within the Biden family.

Through this work, he was paid “millions” in compensation for negotiating and executing contracts and agreements, according to the DOJ. For example, he received around $2.3m from Burisma between 2016 and 2019.

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