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Eliot Spitzer V: Five Ramifications

From the Eliot Spitzer case there are five other major ramifications: 1)The NYTimes certainly cannot be accused of treating Democrats with kid gloves. 2)The vice-presidential choices of the two presidential contenders will be watched with much greater interest. 3)The US is certainly not European in its sexual morality. 4)The news media are certainly moving along …

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Billary or Obama

The Democrats have a tough choice coming up beyond Super Tuesday. Will it be Billary or Obama? Now I have deliberately taken this inflammatory designation of Hillary’s campaign for reasons discussed immediately below. But first some full disclosure. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are huge steps ahead of whatever comes out of the Republican Primary …

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Bill “the Hitman” Clinton and TagTeam Friends

BillClinton over the past 2-4 years had built up a stellar reputation for statesmanship and  non-divisive politics.  Item, Bill had worked not once but twice with President George Bush Sr on the Tsunami  Aid Fund and then on the Katrina Aid campaign. Bill had even praised the  relationship and decried on Charlie Rose’s TV program …

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